Life is sex, Sex is Heaven ...

Bulldog Picture

Bulldog Picture

...We're the class of '67!

Milan Bulldogs

Whew!  That 70th BD party wore me out!

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting everything together! 

Especially to Elowese, Lacee & Allan!


Sitting: Janice Garner Tippett, Linda Rushing Appleton, Linda Meales Younger,
Cheryl Richmond Wagoner, Tommy Belew, Barry Jones,

2nd Row: David Belew, Mark Hyrmak Merrill, Lacee Jacobs Mallard, Pat Carter
Nagler, Elowese Curry Adkisson, Diane Watkins Cross, Pam Day Franklin, Linda
Sorrell Bush, Gatha Bonds Blankenship, Amy Wirwa Hearn, Johnny Jones

3rd Row: Tommy Hardin, Bobby Vawter, Larry Blankenship, Alan Mallard, Polly
Smith Whitten, Richard Gray, Steve Kozlowitz




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Bulldog Paws


The BEST class Milan High ever saw!



1967 Composite

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